It can be difficult to trust written testimonials. You start off thinking Margaret from Blenheim was really happy with her widget, but then you start to notice the spelling and grammar is the same throughout the rest of the testimonials and wonder if all these people did write in or if someone in admin with questionable spelling and grammar skills is banging them out one after another at head office...

Your potential clients might be thinking the same thing about your written testimonials, even if they are real. Putting a face to the name gives you 1000% more credibility (that's a hard scientific fact) and for some of our clients who we've filmed testimonial videos for, they find the customer journey on their website is HOME > TESTIMONIALS > CONTACT more frequently than any other pattern. 

Fun fact: sometimes we can turn content from testimonials into TVCs.

Here are testimonials from our clients to show you how powerful video testimonials from your clients can be:

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If these testimonials passed the test we'd love to help you put real satisfied customers in front of your potential customers so they can vouch for just how great you are.