Daryl Spooner

Daryl has been working in the TV and advertising industry most of his life. He's worked at TV stations and production houses starting out as an editor, but quickly became a director for TV and commercials.

He does most of our in-house directing of commercials and content and with over 20 years experience there aren't many challenges he hasn’t overcome in the business.

As well as directing, Daryl also can occasionally be found swinging a camera, in front of the camera "acting" or in front of a mirror preening his moustache.




Christian Goeffic

Both creative and organised, Christian approaches projects by giving you a severe listening to. Whether you're a sole owner/operator needing friendly advice and a helping hand to complete your project or a busy agency with a brief ready to go he's your guy. 

With experience agency-side and a fun dog he is going to finish this sentence now.





Quentin Welland

You name it, Quentin has edited it. From back in the day when digital editing was new and scary through to being a contemporary master editor who knows how to make anything and everything pop. 

Q uses his wealth of knowledge and experience in graphics, design and editing to make TV shows, commercials and corporate content. Whether working with filmed footage or building animations from scratch Q is the guy you need behind the mouse.


Natalye Spooner

Natalye manages Spoon's day-to-day operations and also works with clients to produce TV commercials and content. She started out as a current affairs camera operator, which gives her great insight into telling a brand's story. Her strengths include selling the sizzle for clients and making commercials and content that make them money.